Determining the best stun gun for women to carry should take several factors into consideration. In this article, we will help you determine which self-defense weapon is the best fit for your lifestyle.

JUL 13, 2022

the best stun gun for a woman

“If carrying your stun gun doesn't fit into your lifestyle easily, you won't carry it for long. ”

How To Choose the Best Stun Gun for A Woman

Location. Location. Location.

Where do you need protection the most? Is it while you are on your daily run? Is it while you are walking across campus? Perhaps it is while you are on the subway or playing with your kids in the park? Statistics (and common human nature) show us that you will be more likely to actually carry your stun with you if it fits easily into your lifestyle.

The best self-defense stun gun for runners is, hands down, the Sting Ring. If you're a woman who likes to keep your hands free to move while running or walking, this is the perfect product for you. With its small size, finger loop and convenience in carrying around - it's no wonder that many female athletes love this stun gun.

Another favorite of active lifestyle females is the Jolt 60 stun gun. It is larger than the Sting Ring but also carries a robust flashlight for seeing at night.  Instead of wrapping around one finger, as the Sting Ring does- the Jolt 60 stun gun is held in a fist position with all of your fingers wrapped around the unit much like you do when grabbing a door handle.

defense divas jolt 60 stun guns

Fight Fobs® Self-Defense Keychains are a great choice for the lady who loves options. The Luxe models include a powerful and compact stun gun that also comes with a lifetime warranty. Carrying your self-defense weapon right on our keychain almost guarantees you will have it with you when walking across campus, driving to work, or strolling with your baby in the park. In addition to a keychain stun gun, Fight Fobs® Self-Defense Keychains come equipped with several other self-defense tools to keep you safe in all situations.

Size Does Matter.

Pay attention to the size of the stun gun you are considering and how it fits into the purpose and place you will be keeping it most of the time. All of the stun guns and TASER® energy weapons that we carry are more than powerful enough to handle an attacker, but are you going to carry it in a small purse? Or maybe you are looking for a stun gun to keep in your night stand?

The advantage to longer stun guns, like the Stun Baton, are these self-defense weapons put more distance between you and an attacker. The Stun Baton is a great option for home defense or to place in your backpack. The obvious disadvantage is that this beauty is not fitting in your purse.

defense divas stun baton stun gun

Features for Your Lifestyle.

As you browse the 100’s of choices available in Defense Divas® stun gun collection, you will notice that different models have different features. It can be hard to choose with so many great options. These are the top 5 self-defense and safety features that you should contemplate when choosing your stun gun:

  1. A flashlight feature on your stun gun is a valuable tool. The good news is that many of them come with this additional feature. It may not be the most important factor in choosing a stun gun, but having a way to see your way through a dark situation is always beneficial.

  2. Disable pin wrist straps are a safety feature offered on some of our stun gun models. The wrist strap is designed with a pin that inserts into the base of the taser. If the stun gun is grabbed from your hand and pulled away, the wrist strap will stay on your wrist and the pin will disengage- rendering the stun gun powerless. This is also a nice feature to have when you are concerned about young children’s safety. You can remove the disable pin wrist strap from the stun gun so that a child cannot accidentally turn it on.

“Color is not just about fashion or taste when it comes to self-defense products.”

defense divas ladies choice flashlight alarm stun guns
  1. Having a panic alarm built into your stun gun is a convenient way to carry an additional safety tool without having to add more things to your keychain or the bottom of your purse. Setting off a panic alarm is an easy and effective way to deter stray dogs or alert others that you are in need of help!

  2. Stun guns with DNA collecting methods are something to consider in your decision. These “shark teeth” extensions are designed to collect the DNA of your attacker when the stun gun is applied to their skin in self-defense. The DNA evidence on the end of your stun gun will be very valuable in a police investigation if you are attacked.

  3. Color is not just about fashion or taste when it comes to self-defense products. Studies have shown that certain colors register in the brain faster. Digging around in your purse for that black stun gun is not the position you want to be in during an emergency. Bright colored stun guns and sparkly stunners catch your eye and decrease your reaction time when seconds count.

defense divas rhinestone flashlight stun gun

The Takeaway.

Consider the reason you want a stun gun and the way you will be carrying it when making your selection. Your self-defense weapon will not do any good if you don’t find it easy to carry with you at all times. There are many innovative bonus features available on the stun gun models that we offer. Try to select a model that incorporates more than just one feature and offers you an additional safety tool such as a flashlight or panic alarm.

Defense Divas® is here to help you keep you safe in a variety of emergency situations. We offer hundreds of self-defense products to fit any lifestyle. For those who are interested we also have an extensive educational resource on personal safety training that's sure not only to protect but educate and empower you too.

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