12,000,000 Volt Stun Baton Flashlight Stun Gun Combo

  • $39.95

The Stun Baton has 12,000,000 volts of stopping power. The rubberized coating ensures a firm grip and the strips down the barrel of the stun baton release a debilitating shock to anyone trying to take the baton from you.

It is rechargeable and has a super bright 3 function flashlight with 3 modes a high beam, low beam, and strobe.

The baton has a wrist strap with disable pin that prevents the stun gun function if the baton gets taken away from you during an attack. It measures 12" x 1 1/2" and includes wrist strap disable pin, wall charger, and nylon holster. Available in 3 colors black, pink, and purple.


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  • Why can't I pay with PayPal?

    We don't offer paypal as a payment option. You can pay with any major debit or credit card.

  • I've lost my manual for this. Is there one I can download?

    There is not a link online to a manual, but if you fill out a contact form request with your email address, we can email it to you.

  • Can you buy a charge cord for this?

    No. Unfortunately, you'll have to buy another unit if you've lost your charge cord. However, you may be able to find a universal one that fits at a big box electronics store.