Jolt 98 Million Volt Stun Gun Self Defense

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Like her sister, the Jolt 86 , this self-defense stun gun is packed with a ton of great features and all the reliability you expect from the Jolt series of stun guns. In addition to an increase in voltage, the Jolt 98 also includes two design changes that we love.

Instead of a holster, which let's face it, often gets lost- this particular model has a convenient clip on the back to make it easier to access in an emergency. Additionally, the convenient USB charger allows you to keep your stun gun battery at max performance whether you charge it at home or on the go in your car.

You can count on all the other features you love in the Jolt 86 and their amazing lifetime warranty.


  • Triple stun technology: Most stun guns on the market today have only one or two points of contact. When using this model to defend yourself, the Triple Stun Technology (TST) allows the electrical charge to emanate between three separate points on the metal probes at the top of the stun gun, creating a louder and more intimidating sound. The loud, bright electrical burst is often enough to stop an attacker; and if not, a jolt from this Jolt certainly will!
  • Metal Disable Pin: Prevents an attacker from taking this stun gun away and using it on you. A strap worn around the wrist attaches to a disable pin on the bottom of the unit. If the stun gun is taken from you, the pin will pull out, preventing it from working. Unlike many other models, this pin is made of metal.
  • Built-In Charger: The slide-out plug on this unit allows for easy charging. There are no cords to keep up with; simply plug into a standard wall outlet. 
  • Bright LED Flashlight: The LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight.
  • Safety Switch: To prevent accidental discharge, three levels of safety have been built in. The disable pin must be inserted, the safety switch must be in the on position and the stun activation button must be pressed before the stun gun will operate.
  • Rubberized Armor Coating: Protects the unit and ensures a firm grip.
  • Holster Included: A nylon holster with belt loop is included for easy carrying.
  • Warranty: This Jolt Stun Gun comes with a 5 year warranty.

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