Jolt 60 Million Protector Stun Gun with Flashlight


Color: Black
Sale price$47.95


The JOLT Protector 60,000,000 Stun Gun with Flashlight is an easy to carry self-defense device that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, providing you with a bright flashlight and a powerful stun gun. It wraps through your fingers to ensure you have a safe grip and your self-defense weapon doesn't get yanked from your own hand and used against you by an attacker. Additionally, the Jolt Protector stun gun has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge when not in use.

The base of the Protector fits security in palm of your hand while the outer ring protects your knuckles and places the electricity over your fist in a natural striking position.

The front of the unit features a bright flashlight. Not only will the light safely illuminate the entire area at night, but it can also help to protect you. When shined in the eyes of an attacker, the light can have a temporary blinding effect making it easy for you to immobilize them with the stun gun.

The Protector is fully rechargeable. The included cord plugs into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries. A nylon holster with belt loop is also included.

The stun gun comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Knuckle Protection: The Protector covers your knuckles for an extra layer of protection.
  • Squeeze & Stun Technology: Even in a panic situation, the stun gun can be activated quickly by simply squeezing, saving you seconds of valuable time. Your tight grip keeps the Protector from being knocked out of your hand.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 3.2 ounces, making it easy to carry.
  • Bright Light: Will safely illuminate the entire area at night and can be shined in the eyes of an attacker.
  • Safety Feature: To prevent accidental discharge, there is a built in safety switch.
  • Rechargeable: The included charging cord plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Holster: Includes a nylon holster with belt loop.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The JOLT Protector is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Jolt Protector 60,000,000* Stun Gun w/Light
  • Nylon holster with belt loop
  • Charging Cable
  • Instructions

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