Did You Know?

  • One in every four women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus
  • Every 2 minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted
  • 80% of victims are under the age of 30 years old
  • Most assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows

Defense Divas® is headquartered in Atlanta, GA but committed to educating and empowering women in communities across America to embrace their personal power to be aware of their surroundings and protect themselves from violent crimes and domestic violence.

Our goal is to empower, one woman at time, to protect her RIGHT TO BE SAFE and equipped to handle any situation.

  • Website: The female self-defense products that you see on our website are personally selected, by myself, based on their ability to provide quality, reliable and extremely effective women’s self-protection.
  • Safety Blog: Our Defense Divas ® Pink Ink Self-Defense & Safety Awareness blog is designed to provide valuable tips and techniques that will help women evade being vulnerable to physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Social Media: Defense Divas ® strives to be very active on all the major social media platforms. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube just to name a few. Our primary purpose in social media is to keep our followers’ personal safety and self-defense in the front of their minds on a daily basis. Our safety tips, self-defense techniques, product reviews and even sales posts are all designed with quick bits of valuable information that provides our followers with a “snippet of safety” for the day.

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