"Fierce Fionna" Self Defense Kit

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The Fierce Fionna Self-Defense Kit contains three of the most important self-defense products a gal needs in her purse to be protected anytime and anywhere. Enjoy free shipping on this self-defense kit.

It may be the size of a garage door opener, but instead of unlocking your garage door, the Razor Stun Gun houses a powerful  23 million volt stun gun, a shrieking alarm and an illuminating LED light.

Slip this steel shot filled leather heart ring onto your finger before you head in the parking lot or out for a jog to carry non-lethal self-defense protection at your fingertips. Literally. This brings new meaning to the term "beating" heart.

This 1/2 oz. potent 18% OC pepper spray comes encased in a hard durable plastic shell with attached key ring which allows you to take it anywhere. This defense spray is lab certified at a "heat rating" of over 4 Million SHU


  • 1 Razor Stun Gun
  • 1 Leather Beating Heart SAP Ring
  • Hardcase Pepper Spray Key Chain Ring
  • Free Shipping

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