18% OC Strength Pepper Spray Hard Case 4 Million SHU Defense Spray

  • $13.95

This 1/2 oz. potent 18% OC pepper spray comes encased in a hard durable plastic shell with attached key ring which allows you to take it anywhere. This defense spray is lab certified at a "heat rating" of over 4 Million SHU!


  • Safety Lock
  • Sprays from Inside Case
  • Attaches to your keys so you're always ready  
  • Clips to belt or purse
  • Independent Laboratory Heat Rating Certified
  • Derived from over 4 Million SHU
  • 46% Stronger than Competing Brands
  • Instantly repels an Attacker
  • Incapacitates for up to 45 minutes
  • UV Marking Dye


  • 1/2 oz. 18% OC Pepper Spray
  • Hard Case with Key Chain Attachment
defense divas pepper spray locking safety twist cap


    Ask a Question
    • Can you fly with this in checked baggage?

      You would have to check with the airlines, but I believe that aerosals can be in CHECKED baggage because hair spray is often aerosal. That would be the issue, not that it is a self protection product. Even firearms can be carried on planes in CHECKED baggage.