Regular exercise is an important factor in your overall health, but there are some dangers besides twisting an ankle that you need to be prepared for. Whether you are lacing up those running shoes, throwing on those hiking boots or hopping on your bicycle- equipping yourself with the right self-defense product should be a part of your exercise routine.

Fortunately, there are several personal defense weapons designed specifically for runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts that will keep you protected. Let’s unpack the best self-defense weapons for runners, hikers and cyclists.

MAR 23, 2023


“Manufacturers have designed ergonomic self-defense weapons that are  comfortable to carry for runners, bikers and hikers.”

Best Self-Defense Products for Runners, Hikers and Cyclists

Hands-Free Pepper Spray

Designed with hands-free comfort in mind, pepper spray models that have an elastic strap such as the Strike-n-Spray Double Defender, allow you to carry your pepper defense and still have full mobility and use of your hands. Either wear it on your wrist like a bracelet or over your hand and cradled in your palm. Both ways are comfortable and keep your mace ready to use in an emergency.


The Strike-n-Spray also features a blade-like, hard plastic edge which serves as a second self-defense weapon at your fingertips. When you need to be armed, the adjustable elastic band secures this double defense weapon in the palm of your hand, ready to deploy. From there, you can either strike the assailant with the pointed edge or execute a pepper spray defense from up to 6 feet away.

The Instafire Xtreme is similar to the Strike-n-Spray except that instead of an elastic strap, it has a spandex glove that wears comfortably during exercise while allowing you free range of motion with your hands. A pocket in the palm of the glove holds a pepper spray canister for self-defense. The Instafire Xtreme incorporates hard plastic in the knuckles zone of the fingerless glove, giving you an extreme boost of punching power.

Ergonomic Stun Guns

Stun guns designed specifically for runners include the Sting Ring, Jolt 60 stunning guns and the Tiger Claw energy weapon. While these are not hands-free, all of these self-defense weapons have ergonomic designs that loop around your fingers so they do not have to be gripped at all times like other stun guns. This features makes them a runner's favorite for self-defense.

The smallest of the three best runners stun guns is the Sting Ring. It features a single loop design that is worn like a ring on your middle finger. With squeeze and stun technology, the Sting Ring activates by simply squeezing it tightly. When deployed, the Sting Ring emits a powerful 18 million volts of electric shock that is sure to drop an attacker or discourage an aggressive animal.

The Jolt 60 is a slightly larger stun gun based on the same squeeze and stun technology as the Sting Ring. The biggest difference between the two is that the Jolt 60 stunning gun also has a full-sized flashlight feature. If your exercise routine is frequently at night, this flashlight feature is worth the tiny bit of extra weight it adds to the design. In addition to the flashlight feature, this model exerts 60 million volts of stun defense.

The Tiger Claw stun gun is roughly the same size and weight as the Jolt 60 but has different self-defense features. In addition to high voltage self-defense, the Tiger Claw has two metal prongs that protrude from the weapon. These can be used to puncture, stab or claw your attacker if they are in your personal space. While the manufacturer of the Tiger Claw stun gun does not publish their voltage numbers, we can confirm through independent testing that it is equal to the Jolt 60 in protection power.

All three of these jogging stun guns come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about your investment in self-defense.


“Your hands aren't the only place to carry self-defense protection. Kuba-Kickz add defensive power to your kick too.”

Footwear Self-Defense Weapons

Thinking outside the box scores big points with us and Kuba-Kickz has done that. Based on the principles of the highly effective kubaton keychain, these hard plastic pointed shoe inserts will make your kick a groin busting weapon. Simply slide a Kuba-Kickz foot weapon between the tongue and laces of your running shoes or hiking boots and forget about it until you need it in an emergency.

When you are approached by an attacker, execute a groin kick self-defense move and watch your attacker drop to the ground in debilitating agony.

Panic Alarms

You should always carry a panic alarm when you head out to enjoy outdoor activities. Not only does a panic alarm alert those around you of an attacker, they can also scare away aggressive dogs. In addition to alerting those within earshot of an attacker, panic alarms can also alert others if you are injured. The sound emitting from your high-decibal panic alarm will help rescue and medical teams locate your position if you not visible or are unable to communicate.

Defense Divas® carries several panic alarms to choose from. We recommend one with a keyring, carabiner or belt clip to those who need high mobility with hands-free carry.


The Bling Sting Glitter Bow Panic Alarm comes equipped with a keyring and lobster claw that can be easily attached to your belt loop or bike. Not only is this panic alarm blinged out in cuteness, it screams! Press the activation button on the Bling Sting Glitter Bow Panic Alarm and get ready to cover your ears.


An excellent, light-weight belt-clip model with equally loud sound is the Personal Panic Alarm. This 120db panic alarm is designed to activate when you squeeze the sides. This capitalizes on your natural tendency to tense up when panic hits. No fumbling with buttons. Simply squeeze it to scream it. Clip it to the waist band of your shorts and have a panic alarm with you at all times.


✔️Final Thoughts

Most runners, hikers and cyclists are aware of the risks that come with their sport. They know that they could fall and injure themselves, or that they might run into an aggressive animal. But what they might not realize is that there are also humans who pose a threat to their safety. Muggers, assailants and even kidnappers could target them while they are out on a run or ride.

Carrying a self-defense weapon while you are enjoying an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Choose personal defense products that are designed specifically for your sport and be equipped to defend yourself from any attacker.

Defense Divas® wants you to be equipped to defend yourself not only with a self-defense weapon, but also with the practical knowledge of safety awareness and prevention.

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