Kuba-Kickz Active Lifestyle Clear Self Defense Shoe Inserts

Defense Divas®SKU: KUBA-KICKZ-CL

Sale price$18.95


Kuba-Kickz are the perfect non-lethal self-defense product because once inserted in your shoe laces, you won't forget to take them with you!

Kubo-Kickz slide right under your shoe laces and are extremely light weight and comfortable. You won’t even know that you are wearing them. And, best of all- they leave your hands free while you are jogging or walking across campus with an armful of books.

Kuba-Kickz are a great self-protection product for runners, trail hikes, or those who walk to their car after working late or overnight hours. They are the perfect self-defense product for college campus safety because they are an impact self-defense weapon and are not banned in dorms or on college campuses.

For self-defense-  kick the groin, legs, or arms of the attacker and escape to safety.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This self defense product is sold in single units and should be worn on your dominant foot. For use in a pair of shoes order 2.

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