In evaluating hundreds of self-defense weapons for resale a year, it takes a lot for any particular product to stand out. The high standards at Defense Divas® means that we only carry products from reputable manufacturers with real warranties and long-standing consumer confidence.


With that being said, these 5 personal defense products standout exceptionally when it comes to reliability, effectiveness, versatility, pricing and innovative design.

OCT 27, 2022

five best non lethal self defense weapons for women

“Options are good when it comes to self-defense. Choose a weapon with options to fit your lifestyle. ”

5 Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

1. The Ladies Choice Stun Gun Series

The Ladies Choice Stun Guns series has earned its’ place on this list because it has so many features packed into a budget friendly self-defense weapon designed specifically for women.

The reliability of a powerful stun gun is combined with a super loud panic alarm and a bright flashlight feature. Did we say how loud this panic alarm is? Press the alarm to scare away the mean dog on your walk or to alert those around you of an attack in progress.


Designed by women and for women, the size and shape of the Ladies Choice stun guns are specifically modelled to fit perfectly in a female’s smaller hands. The buttons and features are positioned for easy access by those with a smaller hand grip than most men.


Because this is such a popular design for women’s weapons, the manufacturer has developed an entire Ladies Choice line of stun guns to feature several stylish colors and patterns. There is surely one to match your personal style.


The lifetime warranty is one of the best in the industry. With that being said, we’ve sold thousands of these tasers and have less than a handful returned for defects. This is one of the best stun guns for reliability and effectiveness.

2. The Jolt 98 Stun Gun

Similar to the Ladies Choice energy weapon, the Jolt 98 stun gun checks all the boxes when it comes to reliability, features, price point and a lifetime warranty.


The Jolt 98 is the latest update to our #1 all-time best-selling Jolt stun gun line. Similar to its’ predecessor, the Jolt 86, it features a powerful stun gun and flashlight with a few noteworthy updates.


Triple stun technology allows the Jolt 98 to deliver a debilitating electrical current of self-defense through three metal prongs for greater results. The additional points of connectivity for the electricity also result in a much larger and louder electric current discharge. This is a great feature for scaring off wild animals and human attackers before they even get close enough to do you harm.


The addition of a metal belt/purse clip to the back of the Jolt 98 stunner gun makes carrying your self-defense weapon even easier. Clip it on your purse strap or backpack and simply pull it off when you need to be ready to defend.


This energy weapon is about the size of an old Blackberry phone and smaller than the Ladies Choice models which are roughly the size of a TV remote control. If you are looking for a small and proven reliable stun gun, the Jolt 98 is your best choice.

“Unlike pepper spray, pepper gel can be used indoors as well as outside.”

3. Sabre® Pepper Gel Pistol

There are many pepper spray and pepper gel products available at Defense Divas®, but the Sabre® Pepper Gel Pistol stands out for one reason. It uses the ergonomics of a traditional firearm to deploy non-lethal pepper defense with exceptionally high accuracy.

The second note-worthy credit to the Sabre® Pepper Gel Pistol is its’ versatility. You can carry like a firearm in your concealed carry purse while on the go and put it in an easily accessible place when you get home for security of your family and belongings. 


Pepper gel is an excellent self-defense choice because it can be used indoors or outdoors. Unlike traditional mace which sprays in a cone-shape pattern, pepper gel is thicker and delivered via a direct stream. While this requires more accuracy, it also avoids accidental overspray on others in the area.

Pepper gel is a must when it comes to apartment living. Firearms have too high a risk of hitting an innocent victim if you miss your target and the bullet goes through the wall. With the same strength used by law enforcement, the Sabre® Pepper Gel Pistol will drop an attacker and give you an opportunity to escape and call 911.

Don’t worry if your attacker flees before police arrive because they will be marked with a permanent UV identifying dye that will not be hard for law enforcement to confirm.

Pepper gel is the best self-defense weapon when you are being approached by an attacker from the front. The 15 feet distance of the Sabre® Pepper Gel Pistol allows you to begin your self-defense way before the attacker has a chance to grab, hit or stab you.


4. Jogger Stun Gun and Spike Strike Combo

If you are a runner, walker, hiker or biker, this is the self-defense product for you. The Jogger Spike Strike Combo made our list of best self-defense weapons because it was specifically designed to meet the needs of those with an active lifestyle and incorporates two self-defense weapons.


No one wants to grip a boxy stun gun while they’re out for their morning run. No one wants their hands full while they are navigating the trails. You should always be carrying a self-defense weapon in both of these scenarios. The Jogger has solved this problem with a unique finger loop design.


Much like the finger loop on the back of your cell phone, the Jogger can easily be flipped around and out of the way but still not dropped when you need to carry it but are not in a real-time emergency. If a critical situation arises, your self-defense weapons are right on your finger and can be discharged immediately.


The activation button is located on one end of the unit while the other end of the Jogger is equipped with two sharp steel reinforced spikes that can be used to defend yourself in addition to the stunning gun feature. And as we all know, having more than one option is always good when it comes to self-defense.

Cyberbullying safety stranger guideline

5. Fight Fobs® Self-Defense Keychains

Speaking of options, there is no better self-defense weapon when it comes to options than the Fight Fobs® Self-Defense Keychain brand brings to the public. The addition of a lifetime warranty and budget-friendly pricing make Fight Fobs® stand out in the self-defense product market.


The base model comes with self-defense weapons appropriate for those under age 18 such as a panic alarm and kubotan as well as a sundry of other handy accessories to carry on your keyring. The middle model, called the Plus, includes everything on the basic model plus a powerful and refillable pepper spray keychain. But if you want to cover all your self-defense bases, then the Fight Fobs® Luxe models are the right choice for you.


The Luxe comes with everything in both of the milder versions with the addition of a powerful keyring stun gun and folding knife disguised as a regular key. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you made a wise purchase because your stun gun and pepper spray both come with a lifetime replacement warranty.


Bonus points go to Fight Fobs® for the insanely cute and super stylish design choices that are available! The hardest part of buying a Fight Fob is choosing which one you want. Whether you want classic black or boho tribal, there is a Fight Fobs® self-defense keychain to match your vibe.

The Takeaway

The two most important factors in choosing the best self-defense weapon for yourself are:

·      selecting one that is convenient to carry with you at all times

·      comes equipped with the safety features to fit your lifestyle.


If you find it burdensome to carry your self-defense weapon, you won’t have it with you when you need it. First, determine the areas of your life that you feel are most vulnerable to an attack and then, select a self-defense weapon with the design and features that fit your high-risk situations.

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