Jogger Stun Gun and Hammer Spike Strike Combo Self Defense

  • $46.95

The Cheetah Jogger is two self-defense tools in one convenient safety device. Designed for the active lifestyle and runners’ safety, the stun gun ring slides comfortably over your finger to cradle in the palm of your hand and administers a respectable 4.8 million volts of electricity at the touch of a button.

Having multiple options in your self-defense plan is always an excellent idea. In addition to the stun gun feature, the Cheetah Jogger also has two pointed spikes to deliver an extra layer of critical hammer strike self-defense in your efforts to escape.


  • Perfect stun gun for joggers and walkers
  • 8 Million volts of electricity
  • Fits comfortably in the palm while exercising
  • Pointed spikes on the end for additional self-defense hammer-fist strikes
  • A rechargeable internal battery with AC wall adapter (included)
  • Safety Switch. Prevent accidental discharge, the safety switch must be in the "on" position, and the trigger pressed
  • Holster Included


    • AC/DC wall charger
    • Synthetic leather holster


    Ask a Question
    • Do you hold the button down or keep having to push it

      You hold down the button to activate the stun gun and maintain pressure.

    • Do you deliver to NYC

      No we do not because, at this time, stun guns are illegal in the state of NY (including NYC). However, we can ship to any other state where they are legal if you are purchasing for a friend or have someone that you can pick it up from. Hope this helps. :-)

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