PepperBall® Practice Inert Rounds

Defense Divas®SKU: PB-INERT90

Quantity: 90 inert rounds
Sale price$87.95


It's not enough just to buy a self-defense weapon and put it in your purse or nightstand. You have to practice. You have to know how to use it when you're in a highly stressful emergency situation. That's why PepperBall offers a practice round kit that works in both the PepperBall LifeLite and TCP (Total Compact Pistol).

Available in quantities of 20 or 90 inert PepperBall dummy practice rounds to help familiarize yourself with TCP and LifeLite operation.



  • Available in 20 or 90 round quantities.
SALES PROHIBITED TO: California, Massachusetts, New York and Washington D.C.
    pepperball lifelite launcher and tcp launcher pepper spray pellet self defense products

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