The Guarded Gretchen Self Defense Kit


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The Guarded Gretchen Self-Defense Kit maximizes your protection power by providing you with a stun gun, flashlight, panic alarm, emergency USB power bank and pepper spray in one cost-saving personal defense kit. Enjoy free shipping on this self-defense kit.

Having options is vital to any self-defense plan. The 4N1 Stun Gun  will provide you with powerful stun gun protection for self-defense, it will be your battery back-up to stay charged and in communication when an emergency is going down, it will allow you to sound a panic alarm for help from others and keep the path to safety lit with its’ 180 lumen LED flashlight feature.

This 1/2 oz. potent 18% OC pepper spray comes encased in a hard durable plastic shell with attached key ring which allows you to take it anywhere. This defense spray is lab certified at a "heat rating" of over 4 Million SHU


  • 4N1 Stun Gun | Flashlight | Panic Alarm | Power Bank
  • Hard Case Pepper Spray Key Chain Ring
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $50

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