Defensive Deidra Stun Gun & Pepper Spray Self-Defense Kit

Defense Divas®SKU: KIT-DEIDRA

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The Defensive Deidra personal defense kit saves you money and could save your life.  Everyone should carry both a stun gun and pepper spray because each is ideal for different situations. This self-defense kit gives you both at a discounted price over purchasing the items individually. 

If you are looking for discrete and powerful self-defense protection, the Pain Pen Stun Gun is the right self-defense weapon for you. This stun gun is the size of a regular Sharpie marker or pen flashlight and packs a stunning 25,000,000 v into a sleek and compact design.

This 1/2 oz. potent 18% OC pepper spray comes encased in a hard durable plastic shell with attached key ring which allows you to take it anywhere. Features include a safety lock and UV marking dye to assist police in identifying your attacker if they flee the scene.

This set includes:

  • Pain Pen 25 million stun gun
  • 18% OC pepper spray key chain
  • Lifetime Warranties on both products

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