Teal & Tears Self Defense Kit

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Defend yourself and send your attacker into uncontrollable tears as the effects of the Teal and Tears Self-Defense Kit take hold. Both of these personal protection devices are "stunning" in a bright teal/ dark turquoise hue. That's the pretty part. The pain part lies in the the powerful self-defense protection this kit provides.

Different situations requires different self-defense protection. For example, pepper spray is a hard way to defend yourself if you are grabbed from behind. On the flip side, a stun gun requires you to make contact with your attacker so it doesn't have as far of a range as pepper spray. These are just a few of the reasons why it's important to have more than one self-defense option at your disposal.

  • Half the Size - All the Power: The Smart 24 Keychain Stun Gun is only 4 inches long, but has more power than most models on the market today. The Smart 24 is the most innovative stun gun flashlight keychain on the market and has some super innovating features along with its’ impressive 24 million voltage electric charge.
  • Police Magnum pepper sprays are proudly Made in the U.S.A. Police OC-17 Magnum pepper spray packs a humongous punch that will incapacitate wild animals and human attackers. This pepper spray keyring features a range of up to 12 ft. (in non-windy conditions) and a UV identifying dye to aid police in later identifying your attacker.
  • Turn any of our key ring pepper sprays or stun guns into a break away quick release key chain model, by using this attachment.  When seconds matter most, the break away quick release keyring detaches your pepper spray from whatever it is attached to, with the press of a button for quick and easy use. 


  • Smart 24 Rechargeable Stun Gun and Flashlight
  • Hard Case Pepper Spray Key Chain Ring
  • Break Away Quick Release Keyring Accessory
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty on Smart 24 stun gun

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