"Campus Safety Courtney" Self Defense Kit

  • $23.95
  • Save $5

This non-stun gun self defense kit is the perfect set for places where stun guns are not permitted. You don't have to sacrifice personal safety because you work or go to school where carrying a stun gun is against policy or illegal.

This rhinestone pink bling leatherette pepper spray key ring has a UV dye that will make your attacker easy to identify by police and a safety nozzle that twists to lock and avoid accidental discharge. The holster is refillable and the key chain makes it easily accessible when you need it for an emergency.

This titanium rainbow cat knuckle turn your fist into a devastating weapon of self-defense. Hang it on your key ring or clip it to your purse strap or belt with the holster included for easy access.

When developing a well rounded self-defense plan, it is important to have more than one option. and this protection package provides those extra layers of safety. This is the perfect college safety gift for any young woman heading off on her own.


  • 1 Rhinestone leatherette pink pepper spray key chain
  • 1 Titanium rainbow cat knuckle


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