The groin kick may seem very obvious to most women, but the execution of the groin kick in a stressful situation, is another matter. Often our common sense goes right out the window when faced with a sudden and threatening situation. For this reason, practicing self defense training over and over is the number one recommendation that I can make to all my readers. Repetition will ingrain these self-defense techniques so that they are second nature when called upon in an emergency situation.

The groin kick is done by ‘hooking’ your foot in the groin area of your attacker and ‘scooping’ out with your foot. If you are in a frontal position with your attacker, you may grab his shoulders for extra stability and strength. Remember to come from your back leg and follow through for additional impact and force.

kuba kickz self defense shoe insert

I often recommend Kuba-Kickz in my self defense classes. These hard plastic inserts fit comfortably right between the tongue and laces of your shoes. They are incredibly effective! Women who jog, work late hours or even walk a college campus will find this to be an invaluable non-impact self defense weapon. I have a pair in my favorite tennis shoes and they are a discrete way to carry a self defense weapon on my body at all times. Because Kuba-Kickz are an impact self defense product, you will not have to worry about them being prohibited on college campuses or in the workplace.

One swift groin kick with a kuba-kickz and your attacker will drop to the ground like a dead fly!