Gain a broader understanding of the versatility and potential applications of stun guns in emergency situations beyond their primary function as a self-defense tool.

MAR 14, 2024


“The electrical spark created by a stun gun can be used to start a fire to keep warm or signal for help."


Stun guns and Taser devices are powerful non-lethal self-defense weapons that have a vital place in your personal protection quiver. But did you know that stun guns can also be used for several other functions in a survival scenario?

Think outside the box for a minute and learn about 8 more things your stun gun can be used for in addition to shocking self-defense.

1. Emergency Signal Device

In dire situations, a stun gun can serve as an emergency signal device. Most models come equipped with bright LED lights or flashing capabilities. In scenarios such as being lost in the wilderness or stranded on the road, activating the stun gun's light or flash feature can attract attention from potential rescuers.

2. Animal Deterrent

When facing aggressive animals, a stun gun can act as a deterrent. Simply hold your stun gun in the air and pulse the activation button. The crackling sound and visible electric arc produced by deploying the device can intimidate aggressive animals, deterring them from approaching further and potentially preventing an attack.


3. Tool for Breaking Glass

In the event of being trapped in a car or building during an emergency, a stun gun can be used as a tool for breaking glass windows or doors to facilitate escape. By applying the electrodes to the glass surface, the electric current can weaken the glass, making it easier to shatter upon impact. Remember to cover your hand with a towel or shirt to prevent cuts when the glass breaks.

4. Fire Starter

The high voltage produced by a stun gun can be utilized to start a fire in emergency situations where conventional fire-starting methods are unavailable, or rain and wind make them ineffective. By directing the electrical current towards dry kindling or tinder, the spark generated will ignite the material to provide warmth and a means of signaling for help.


5. Immobilize Electrical Devices

Deploying the electric charge of a stun gun against any electrical device will cause damage to its’ internal components and immobilize the device. This works on everything from televisions to cell phones. Of course, this is not something we recommend doing unless there is specific emergency that would require you to do so.

6. Attack Prevention

Beyond its traditional use for self-defense through direct contact, a stun gun can serve as a deterrent against potential threats without the need for physical confrontation. Simply activating the device and displaying it in a threatening manner can often be enough to deter an attacker, providing a non-violent means of defense.

Always carry your stun gun so that it is visible to those around you. Studies have shown that serial attackers prefer an easy target. If they see that you are carrying a self-protection device, most will choose to wait for a victim that is not armed and will be easier to overpower.


“Flashlight and panic alarm features are included in most stun guns and can be used to signal for help when you are unable to scream for yourself.

7. Illumination for the Situation

Purchase a stun gun with a flashlight feature so you will have a way to light up a dark situation or an approaching attacker’s face. Most of them come equipped with a light feature and having this additional tool at your fingertips can be a life saver. When seconds matter, you don’t want to be fumbling around to get your key in the door.

Shining your flashlight stun gun directly in an attacker’s eyes may give you an advantage in your self-defense as well. The temporary blindness that it causes may give you an advantage in your defense or disorient an attacker, providing an opportunity to escape.

8. Call for Help

Many models, like the Blackjack stun gun, come equipped with a panic alarm. This is not only used to call the attention of bystanders to a situation if you are being attacked. These ear-piercing, super loud alarms can be your voice when you are unable to scream for yourself.

For example, if you are in a car accident and go off the road. Your vehicle may be difficult to reach, and you may be injured. At night, your vehicle may be impossible to see from the road. Activating a panic alarm may assist emergency services in locating your accident faster.


In the case that you are overpowered by an abductor and gagged; you may be able to use your panic alarm to alert the attention of someone within earshot that you need their help immediately.

As you can see, stun guns really can help you “MacGyver” your way out of many survival situations in addition to ensuring you are equipped to defend yourself with non-lethal force. Whether you need to start a fire or scare off a dog, remember that your stun gun is capable and may be just the safety tool you need in that emergency moment.

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