No one wants to be the victim of a robbery, but unfortunately, it’s a crime that happens all too often. In the US alone, there were an estimated 721,053 robberies in 2018 – that’s one every minute and a half! The best way to defend yourself against a robbery is with safety awareness and prevention. Keep reading to learn the 9 best safety tips to prevent yourself from being robbed in public!

MAR 09, 2023


“Safety awareness and prevention are at the core of defending yourself from a robbery.”

How To Defend Yourself From A Robbery

There are many things you can do to reduce your chances of being targeted by a robber. This includes everything from being aware of your body language to carrying your belongings in a secure way.

1. Be alert and aware of your surroundings.

It’s more important than ever to be aware of your surroundings when you are out in public, but what does that actually mean? Here are some examples:

• Pay attention to the cars parked next to yours. Can you recall what color car is to your right and left parking spot?

• Be aware of people entering your personal space. What color shirt was the man wearing who innocently bumped into you on the food aisle?

• Get in the habit of quickly scanning an area when you enter. Do you see another way to exit? Do you see any dark areas where someone could hide?


2. Open carry your self-defense weapon.

Studies have shown that a robber is dramatically less likely to select you if they see that you are carrying a pepper spray or stun gun. They will simply wait until an easier target comes along.

Have your self-defense weapon in your hand, visible to those around you and ready to deploy at the first sign of an attacker.

3. Be discreet when paying with cash in public.

Have the approximate amount of cash you will need to pay ready in advance. Food trucks, concert merch lines and bars are all venues where robbers can survey the buyers and see who is paying with a credit card and who is carrying cash. They simply hang back in the crowd, unnoticed, while keeping both eyes on the customer and cashier transaction.

Tuck the cash into your sock or boot instead of carrying a purse if possible. This makes your cash harder for a robber to snatch and dash while also leaving your hands free from tending a purse to defend yourself if necessary.

4. Be ready to go.

Have your keys in hand and ready when you get to your car. One of the most vulnerable places for a robber to attack you is while you are looking through your purse or fumbling with your key fob. Don’t forget to lock the door and leave as soon as you get in the car.

It’s totally normal to put your phone on the charger, check texts, etc. before you put it into Drive. But this also leaves you and your vehicle vulnerable to attack.

“Stick to crowded areas. There is safety in numbers.”

5. Don’t overload yourself.

Overloading your arms with grocery bags or a haul from TJ Maxx makes it harder to defend yourself if needed. Don't carry bags on your arms because you can't drop them fast if you need to defend yourself.

Of course, you could swing your bags and hit the person with them. However, that won’t work if you are grabbed from behind or they just want to steal your purse. Carry a few bags and your keys in one hand. Carry your self-defense weapon in the other hand. Get to your car. Get in. Lock it. Go. 

6. Panic alarms are effective.

Panic alarms may be the most underrated self-defense weapon on the market. This is because the vast majority of crimes will either be prevented entirely or an attacker will give up and retreat when any loud call for help draws the attention of bystanders.

7. Witnesses are the biggest deterrent.

As mentioned above, anything that draws the attention of possible witnesses is a threat to criminals. With that being said, always try to walk in populated areas where others will also be aware of their surroundings.

If you happen to be alone, ask a group if they would allow you to walk with them to stay safe. Remember, there is safety in numbers.


8. Attitude is everything.

One of the best crime prevention tools you have is your confidence and attitude. Presenting yourself as alert, self-assured and confident in where you are will all send visual cues to a potential attacker that you are not going to be an easy victim. More often than not, a robber will patiently wait for an easier target to prey upon.

9. Toss it to save yourself.

Last but not least, remember that nothing is worth risking your life to save. Toss your purse as far away as possible. The robber will go to retrieve it and provide you an opportunity to escape and call 911. Anything that you have in your purse can be replaced but your life cannot.

✔️Final Thoughts

While there’s no guaranteed way to prevent yourself from being targeted by a criminal, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of being robbed. By being aware of your surroundings and taking precautions when you’re out in public, you can make it much harder for a thief to target you.

Following these tips will keep you, and your belongings, safe from robbery.

Defense Divas® wants you to be equipped to defend yourself not only with a self-defense weapon, but also with the practical knowledge of safety awareness and prevention.

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