Bling Pink Heart Panic Alarm Personal Safety Flashlight Key Chain

Defense Divas®SKU: AL-BSHEART-PK

Sale price$23.95


This heart shaped panic alarm by Bling Sting is loud and drowning in sparkle! Setting off this 115-decibel panic alarm will draw attention to your personal emergency and may be the exact thing that scares your attacker off. Remember, attackers are looking for an easy target. Simply drawing attention to them, may be what sends them running.

We love the **BLING** on this little gem! It sparkles all day long and measures a perfect 2.5 in wide by 2 in. high so it's showy but not gawdy.

The gold plated, super strong lobster claw hooks easily to your key ring, purse, backpack or wallet.

This bling personal safety alarm also has a mini flashlight, making it easy to shine a light on your door lock to get in your home quickly and safely.


  • Alarm sounds at the push of a button (pink button on back)
  • Safety LED flashlight (white button on back)
  • Easily accessible lobster claw attaches to purse, backpack or keychain so your personal safety alarm is readily available when it's needed.
  • Perfect safety accessory for younger girls that are not old enough to carry pepper spray
  • Measure 2.5 x 2.0 inches

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