Without a doubt, the best self-defense technique for a woman to use when attacked by a man is the groin kick. Sounds simple enough, but learn how to execute the improved version for maximum effect against your attacker.

APR 25, 2017

How to execute a groin kick self defense technique self protection training

“The groin kick is the most effective self-defense technique to use against a male attacker. ”

The Groin Kick Self-Defense Technique

The groin kick may seem very obvious to most women, but the execution of the groin kick in a stressful situation, is another matter. Your target is moving. You are in a high anxiety situation.

Practicing this technique until it feels natural will ensure that you easily recall the motions in an emergency situation.

⭐How to Execute the Groin Kick⭐

The groin kick is more than just kicking a man's crotch. It is done most effectively by ‘hooking’ your foot in the groin area of your attacker and ‘scooping’ out with your foot.

You want to make contact with the attacker's groin to the area high on your shoe or in the crook between your shoe and ankle, effectively hooking the groin. If you are in a frontal position with your attacker, you may grab his shoulders for extra stability and strength. Remember to come from your back leg and follow through for additional impact and force.

The motions are kick, hook, scoop. Use a chair and practice catching the chair seat under your foot to hook the chair and then scoop back towards your body. 


These hard plastic inserts fit comfortably right between the tongue and laces of your shoes. The pointed hard plastic spikes are made to give your self-defense kick an exponentially more powerful blow.

Kuba-Kickz are a powerful self-defense weapon for anyone who jogs, bikes, hikes or walks a college campus. They are a discrete way to carry a self defense weapon on your body at all times. One swift groin kick with a kuba-kickz and your attacker will drop to the ground like a dead fly!.

“The groin kick is effective on women too. Just in a different way.”

⭐Groin Kick on a Woman⭐

A frequently asked question when discussing this topic arises: Is the groin kick self-defense technique effective against a woman too? The answer is yes. It's just effective in a different way. 

When you are exercising a groin kick on  a female, the goal is to kick so hard that you fracture the pelvic bone. Because this is still a very tender area of the body, a groin kick is still very painful for a female even if you are unsuccessful.


⭐Final Thoughts⭐

The groin kick is illegal in most martial arts competitions for a reason. It is the most painful and effective self-defense techniques a woman can use when no self-defense weapon is available.

Kicks are more effective than punches because your leg muscles are larger and stronger than your arm muscles. Your legs are also longer than your arms which puts more space between you and your attacker when you defend yourself.

Learning how to properly execute a groin kick is a valuable tool to add to your self-defense training that will incapacitate your attacker and provide you an opportunity to escape to safety.

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