Women's Self Defense Training DVD


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A violent crime occurs every 22 seconds and many are targeted toward women. Live to Tell About It is the essential self defense DVD that every woman needs. Taught by a woman for women.

Live to Tell About It is the first DVD to take a non-nonsense step-by-step approach to teaching women of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities to techniques they need to avoid becoming a victim of criminal acts. You don't need to know martial arts to master the simple self defense techniques taught in this DVD, which is packed with valuable tips you can use to become more prepared and to feel confident and empowered anywhere you are.

Live to Tell About It teaches you what to do instinctively to create an immediate window of escape regardless of the situation, from verbal and non-life threatening attacks to choke holds, arm-grabs and attacks from criminals using a knife or a handgun.

The techniques are designed especially for women and are easy to learn - all in the privacy, comfort and safety of your own home.

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