ultimate defense diva safety kit for women pepper spray stun gun bundle self defense savings

The Ultimate Defense Diva Safety Package Self Defense Kit

  • $58.95

The Ultimate Defense Diva Package is for the gal that wants to have all her bases covered.

SAVE $30 over individual prices when you purchase them as a kit!

The items in this kit were specifically selected so that a woman can have self-defense protection within an arm's reach at any time.

For example, she can have the Bling Ring Pepper Spray on her key ring, the Lipstick Pepper Spray in her glove compartment, the Stun Master Stun Gun either on her key ring, in her purse or on her night stand. The combinations are endless and allow you to customize your self-protection plan to your lifestyle.

They all come bundled in a handy, rhinestone covered kit that can be used to store all the products or makes a cute make-up caddy with plenty of storage space.

The kit includes the following items: (click on each link to view the item specifics)
  • Rhinestone 2-tray Storage Box (9" X 5-1/2" X 5")
  • Pointed Kubotan Keyring
  • Bling Lipstick Pepper Spray
  • Bling Ring Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Chain
  • Stun Master Rechargeable Stun Gun
  • Black Holster Case for Stun Master Stun Gun
  • Coca-Cola Diversion Safe for hiding valuables in plain sight
  • 2 Date Rape Drink Guard Test Strips (4 tests total)
  • Pepper Spray Instructional Manual