The Runt Stun Gun Flashlight 20 Million Volt Rechargeable

  • $36.95

The Runt Stun Gun Flashlight is a whopping 20,000,000 volt stun gun with an LED flashlight and wrist strap at an AMAZING PRICE! Look at these bright fashion colors and the rubberized surface makes for a tight grip when you are in a panic situation. The Runt is a very well manufactured, reliable and easily concealable stun gun. This newest model uses cutting edge technology to deliver an amazing punch at an affordable price.

20 million volts
LED flashlight included
Batteries are included
Fully rechargeable
Safety on/off switch.


Ask a Question
  • does this come with a case?

    Yes. This stun gun comes with a nylon case.

  • If the wrist strap comes out. Can the gun still work? At a gun show they had ones similar to this and if that comes out the attacker can not use the stun gun against you.

    The stun gun does not work when the wrist strap (disabler pin) are pulled out of the unit. It is a great safety feature to have in a stun gun.