Stonewash Wood Rescue Tactical Folding Knife Glass Break Combo


Sale price$29.85


 A complete self-defense plan includes a variety of items to handle a variety of emergency situations. Adding a self-defense knife to your safety plan offers you an additional layer of protection. Adding THIS self-defense knife provides 3 additional levels of protection! This self-defense knife also has a built-in seat belt cutter, and a glass breaker to get out of the car in an emergency.

The inlaid wood handle and black oxide finish make this a beautiful self-defense choice for both men and women.


  • Black oxide and stone finish + Wooden Insert handle.
  • Window breaker on end of handle.
  • Sharpened 440 stainless steel  Black oxide and stone finish blade.
  • In-line open lock.
  • Includes pocket / boot clip.
  • Seat belt and cord cutter.
  • 7.87 inch overall opened
  • 3.34 inch blade.
  • 2.8mm blade thickness

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