SOLAR Rechargeable Stun Gun, Flashlight & Power Bank

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Stay connected and protected when the grid goes down with our solar rechargeable stun gun, flashlight and power bank combo unit. Lightweight and multi-function features make this the perfect choice to take on your hike or camping trip because it not only contains a powerful stun gun but also an emergency power bank to keep your phone charged. And all on solar power!

  • The face of the solar power bank and flashlight stun gun is a solar panel for convenient recharging of the unit when you might be in a situation where power is out or not available. Simply set the unit out in the sun and let nature do its' work. Your battery will be fully recharged compliments of Mother Nature.
  • The super bright 3 Led flashlight function is turned on by simply sliding the button on the side of the unit into flashlight mode. On the same sliding button, but one bump up is "stun mode".
  • The unit contains a powerful stun gun which runs off the charged unit in a self-defense emergency. Simply slide the button on the side of the unit to "stun mode", and you are in active stunning mode to defend yourself with the press of a separate button.
  • The unit also contains multiple ports on the bottom for charging your electronic devices. There is also a warning light indicator to easily view when your power bank battery is in need of some more solar love. (Or, you can plug it into any USB wall charger if you don't want to use the solar charging option.) 

Stun guns require a monthly charging to stay at peak performance. With this solar rechargeable stun gun, power bank and flashlight- your self-defense protection will be charging as it's sitting on your dashboard during your commute to work.



  • Powerful Stun Gun
  • Large Capacity 10,000 mAh Power Bank and stun power
  • Bright 3 LED Flashlight
  • Discreet Design (the size of an iphone or samsung galaxy)
  • Shock Proof Aluminum Exterior
  • LED Battery Status Indicator
  • Solar power charging for emergency survival situations
  • Safety Switch
  • Features 4 blue LED power status lights that show 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% charge level
  • Rechargeable by solar or USB (approx 6 hours to full charge)


  • Cheetah Solar Power Bank, Flashlight & Stun Gun
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instructions (on back of box)

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