Single Ladies Campus Safety Kit


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The Single Ladies Campus Safety self defense package is the perfect gift for the woman heading off to college or living single. It contains something to cover all her bases for self-defense protection and security. (apartment/dorm room security, personal security and college campus security). Plus, you save money when you buy the items as a set rather than individually.

The Super Door Stop Alarm can be used in your dorm room, a spring break hotel room, or anywhere you feel that you want that extra layer of security. (I even used mine on the bathroom door after I watched the movie IT!) But in all seriousness, the unit contains a movement sensor with a loud 120 dB alarm. If someone tries to open the door, the alarm will sound. It's compact size makes it easy to throw in your suitcase and take with you for the hotel room on Spring Break.

The Pepper Pen is an awesome way to carry the power of pepper spray in a discreet way. It looks exactly like a pen, except this pen contains a 1/2 ounce of self-defense spray with a range of 6-8 feet. It's compact without compromising safety and contains 6-10 one second bursts of 10% OC, 2 million SHU pepper concentrate. It also has a UV identifying dye, so that your attacker will be easily identified by police when they catch him.

The Kubotan Key Chain has been the most widely endorsed self-defense product by Campus Security Departments across America for over 30 years. This is largely due to the beauty in its' simplicity. This impact weapon can exert a tremendous amount of damage and pain to an attacker, while being easy to train on and easy to execute in an emergency situation. Be sure to learn the kubotan strike points so that you can efficiently defend yourself in a crisis. 

We believe that every girl on a college campus should have a pack of Date Rape Drug Detector Test Strips in her purse. Even if you don't drink alcohol, the sad truth is that the number of drink tampering incidents is becoming astonishingly common in bars, clubs, at parties and on college campuses all over America. It just takes a second for you to look away and have someone slip something into your drink. However, you can tell if your drink has been tampered with by simply dipping your finger into your glass and placing a drop of the liquid onto these test strips. Each pack comes with 20 tests. Pure genius and a must have for every young lady heading off on her own.

This self defense campus safety package for women is a good answer to a whole life self-defense plan because it covers your bases at home and on the go.

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