Secret Stash Fake Electrical Outlet Diversion Safe

Defense Divas®SKU: DS-HWS

Sale price$12.95


Hide your valuables in plain sight inside the electrical outlet safe. Designed to look exactly like the real thing, this diversion safe has a secret compartment to store cash, jewelry and other small valuables inside. Burglars won't even think to look inside this wall safe during a home invasion!

This outlet safe pivots out from the wall, revealing a hidden compartment to contain your prized possessions. The locking bar stays secure with key only access. Made of high-impact plastic and metal, this wall safe provides an effective solution to hide your valuables in either your home or office.  This safe measures 7" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and is the ideal solution to hide away anything you don’t want others to find.

Also great for dorm rooms and apartment or house living with room mates that you might want to secure your valuables from and prevent theft.

Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. This unique "safe" allows you to hide valuables inside a common wall outlet - the last place a thief would think to look.  


  • Looks like your common wall outlet.
  • Easy installation. 
  • Slides open for easy access to your belongings.
  • Locking bar and  key.
  • Can hide items that are up to seven inches in length.
  • Interior vault measures 7" X 2.5" X 2 inches
  • Warranty: 90 days


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