"Safety Sheila" Self Defense Kit

  • $78.80

The "Safety Sheila" package has bling and bite!  Whether you are buying this for yourself, or as a gift- this is a great women's self defense product bundle to keep you safe and stylish on a couple of fronts.

You will be well protected with the perfume bottle stun gun. It looks like a perfume bottle and has a beautiful bling rhinestone design on the casing of this 3.5 million volt stun gun with flashlight. Use the flashlight feature when you are walking around campus after dark, and have the stun gun in case you ever need to protect yourself while doing so. It's compact size (5" x 1") makes it perfect to slip into your little party purse. You can feel safe if you are heading out to the club for a girls night out.

The pointed kubaton key ring has many applications that are extremely effective. You can use it to stabilize your fist for a more powerful punch, gain leverage to free yourself from an attacker's grasp, and is most debilitating when used to stab your attacker in one of the many sensitive pressure points that exist all over the human body.

The thermal coffee mug diversion safe is a great way to keep your cash and valuables safe, hidden and convenient to get access when you need them. It is a real thermal travel coffee mug on the top, but it unscrews to reveal a secret compartment inside to stash your cash or anything else that you don't want taken by someone else in your absence. These are perfect for dorm rooms and apartment sharing living arrangements, where you may not always know who is coming in and out of your home environment. Just place it your kitchen and no one will ever even know that it is really a secret compartment safe for valuables.

The date rape drink test strips are "must have" purse essential for a night on the town, a date with someone new or an off campus house party. Even if you don't drink alcoholic beverages, you are still vulnerable to being the victim of date rape drugs being slipped in your glass because they are odorless and colorless when dissolved in your drink and relatively tasteless. Simply put a drop of your drink on one of the tester spots (2 on each sheet, 10 total per pack) and you will know immediately if your drink has been tampered with.

This set includes:

  • Pointed Kubotan Key Ring
  • Bling Perfume Bottle Stun Gun
  • Thermal Coffee Mug Diversion Safe
  • Drink Guard Date Rape Drink Test Strips


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