Rubberized Grip Dual Flashlight Stun Gun Econofire


Color: Pink/Black
Sale price$41.95


Wowza! 40 million dual spark stun and 3 function flashlight in one self defense weapon. The rubberized grip ensures that you won't lose hold of it, when you are nervous in an emergency situation or have it taken out of your hands by an attacker and used against you.

Every person should have one of these flashlight stun guns in their night stand. With the dual function as a flashlight and a stun gun, the Econofire rechargeable LED flashlight stun gun is a powerful and handy self defense weapon that comes in both colors (pink for divas and black for dudes).

  • 40,000,000 dual-spark stun gun makes this extremely powerful and effective.
  • 3-function LED Flashlight (low light, medium light, high intensity light)
  • Clear and confident switching between stun mode and flashlight mode.
  • Sturdy and solid for confident gripping on to the rubberized surface of the stun gun.
  • Additional on/off switch on the bottom.
  • Metal clip on the side for attachment to other objects if you desire.
  • Rechargeable with the included charging cord AC adapter.
  • Black fabric holster with belt loop for easy wear on the waist band.
  • Approximately 6.5 inches long.

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