Rainbow Pearl Stiletto Folding Self-Defense Knife


Sale price$29.85


This beautiful pearl and rainbow finish folding knife is small enough to carry in your purse every day and provides you with 3 7/8" long stainless steel blade self-defense protection. The beautiful pearlized inlay handle adds a touch of elegance to this stunning and effective blade. An emergency auto glass break tip is located on the end of the handle, adding an additional safety feature.  A simple to operate opening liner lock makes for easy one handed use by either right handed or left handed users.


  • Total Length: 9 inches
  • Close Length: 5 inches 
  • Inlay pearlized handle
  • Rainbow titanium finish stainless steel blade
  • Glass breaking tip for auto emergencies
  • Stiletto style
  • Opening liner lock pocket knife
  • Belt or purse clip on back

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