Pink Camouflage Police Strength 18 OC Pepper Spray Key Chain

  • $14.95

These pink camouflage 1/2 oz. pepper spray pouches contain police strength 18% OC strength and sprays up to 16 feet, allowing you max distance in an emergency situation. Spray your attacker before they have a chance to grab you. Spray the neighborhood dog that chases you while you are out on your morning jog, before he has a chance to bite you. 

The UV dye in this self-defense spray makes it easy for police to identify your attacker and the key chain holster is easy to refill with any standard 1/2 oz pepper spray for years of use.


  • Safety Lock
  • Sprays from inside the case
  • Firing range up to 16 feet
  • Attaches to your keys so you're always ready
  • Independent Laboratory Heat Rating Certified
  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty (replace for free if ever used in an emergency situation)
  • 46% Stronger than Competing Brands
  • Instantly repels an Attacker
  • Incapacitates for up to 45 minutes
  • UV Marking Dye 
  • Refills easily available (fits any standard 1/2 oz pepper spray tank)


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      • Hi! How many times can you use this before it runs out? As in, how many sprays per bottle? Thanks!

        That would really depend on how long you hold down the button. Whether it's long or short burst, etc. But definitely multiple times. Then, the cartridge inside the holster case is replaceable too. :-)