Mace Exquisite Rhinestone Bling Lipstick Pepper Spray Keychain

  • $38.95

Introducing the Mace® Brand Exquisite line of rhinestone bling pepper spray! Where fashion meets safety and security! Carry this bedazzled pepper spray key chain with you for discreet pepper spray protection right on your key ring. You can safely protect yourself in a threatening situation with the effective power of Mace Brand line of womens' pepper spray self defense products for women.


  • Maximum Strength Formula 10% OC
  • Pepper Stream
  • UV Dye will identify your attacker to police
  • Weight 17 grams
  • Dimensions 4" h x 1", 10 foot range
  • 5 Bursts
  • Spray and escape


Ask a Question
  • When will you restock these?

    Mace has discontinued this model. However, we do carry another rhinestone pepper spray! Go check this one out. I think you'll like it too :-)

  • Do you ship to New York State?

    At this time ( July 2019) it is is illegal to ship pepper spray to New York (state or city). However it is legal to own it there. Customers often request that we ship to a friend or relative with a non-New York address. Hope this helps.

  • wholesale options?

    We do offer wholesale to businesses who are interested in selling our products. However, we are not an in-home party and kit company.  If you are interested in our products for resale, please email us directly or complete a contact form on the website with a note in the comment section on the form. :-)

  • Do you push down on the top? 5 Bursts? Will it take refills ?

    The "lipstick safety cap" comes off and there is a spray nozzle to the pepper spray inside. 5 bursts refers to the amount in the cannister. Most keychain pepper sprays contain 5 bursts (or uses). This model does not take refills.