Jolt 93,000,000 Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight

Defense Divas®SKU: SG-JOLT93-BK

Sale price$46.95


Powerful and tough. The Jolt 93,000,000 tactical stun gun flashlight is a military-grade aluminum alloy stun flashlight that is encased in a striped, protective rubber casing. This not only improves its look and durability but increases your grip on your self-defense weapon. 

The flashlight feature has 3 modes (high, low and emergency flashing) to keep your situation illuminated no matter what goes down.

The metal clip allows you to carry it with you on your belt or clip to your purse so you always know right where it is in the event that you have to access it quickly.


  • Powerful electric stun gun / flashlight combo
  • USB rechargeable convenience
  • 3-function LED Flashlight (low light, strobe emergency feature, high intensity light)
  • Clear and confident switching between stun mode and flashlight mode.
  • Military grade aluminum construction
  • Measure 6.5 inches long for plenty of hand grip
  • Rubberized grip provides excellent hand control and grip 
  • Additional on/off safety switch on the bottom to avoid accidental discharge.
  • Metal clip on the side for attachment to other objects if you desire.

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