Montana West® Fringe Collection Concealed Carry Purse Shoulder Bag

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The worst thing you can do is buy a self-defense product and then drop it in the black hole at the bottom of your purse. You need to have your stun gun, pepper spray or firearm safely secured, but quick and easy to grab when milliseconds could mean the difference between be a victim or a survivor of a violent crime.

We are in love with this line of concealed carry purses for a few reasons. Even if you are carrying a stun gun or pepper spray (and not a firearm), a concealed carry purse allows you carry your self defense in a safe area that doesn’t sacrifice space in your purse.

First: The concealed carry compartment is located on the outside of the purse, preventing you from accidentally discharging your self-defense weapon while digging through your purse. It’s padded to protect your device and has a zipper for fast and easy access.  We love that they didn’t sacrifice giving you an outside pocket to hold your cell phone or lipstick in the process.

Second: Look at these awesome styles and colors!  Most handgun purses on the market are uber granny boring and overpriced. You don’t have to sacrifice your individual style to exercise your right to protect yourself.

Third: Pockets. Pockets. Pockets! In addition to the exterior located concealed carry zippered compartment, this purse has one additional exterior pocket, a zippered pocket that divides the inside into 2 large compartments, 1 additional inside zippered side pocket and 2 more interior open pockets.

Fourth: The metal feet on the bottom of the gun purse allow it to be set down confidently without worrying about it tipping over, as well as, keeping the bottom of your purse clean.

  • Beautiful Native American beaded fringe style
  • A zippered pocket on the back to secure your stun gun, pepper spray or firearm
  • A single compartment divided by a medium, zippered pocket
  • A zipper enclosure for the entire purse
  • A zippered pocket on the inside back and 2 open pockets on the inside front
  • An open pocket on the back
  • 4 metal feet on the bottom of the bag for stability
  • An open pocket on each side
  • Double flat straps
  • Made of vegan leather
  • 14 x 4 x 12 (10.5 strap)
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