Fireista Collection Fashion Designer Pepper Spray Keychain


Style: Purple Polka Dot
Sale price$16.95


Guard Dog, one of the most reliable pepper spray manufacturer’s is repping for the ladies now! Be safe and stylish with the Fireista Collection Pepper Spray models.
  • Quick release snap on case keychain for easy and fast access when you need your pepper spray most.
  • Glow in the dark twist top provides confident visibility in the night and the twist top can be turned to the “locked” position to prevent accidental discharge, if desired.
  • 18% OC law enforcement strength.
  • UV identifying die (in the pepper spray) that doesn’t wash off quickly, is a dead give away when the police catch your attacker.
  • Shoots up to 16 feet.
  • Guard Dog Security Protected 4 Life Guarantee.
  • 3 Fashion Color Designs Available.

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