Discreet Diva Womens Self Defense Kit

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The Discreet Diva Womens Self Defense Kit allows you to carry your self-defense protection with you anywhere you go and no one will ever know.

The pepper spray pen is the exact size and feel of a regular pen, but packs a punch of PEPPER POWER! It contains 6-10 one second bursts and has a range of 6-8 feet so you have plenty of distance before your attacker can grab you.

The perfume bottle stun gun flashlight looks just like a bottle of spray perfume in your purse so no one will ever know it's a powerful flashlight stungun unless they take the cap off.

The hairbrush diversion safe is an actual hair brush that you can use to store your cash, jewelry and other valuable. The end cap unscrews to reveal a  secret compartment!

The 32 page pepper spray training book is pack full of very informative material on how to use pepper spray to defense yourself properly. There are also tons of tips on general self-defense and safety awareness tactics to keep you safe.

This set includes:

  • Disguised pepper spray pen
  • Perfume stun gun flashlight
  • Hairbrush diversion safe
  • 32 page pepper spray training and self-defense safety book

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