"Code Red Rhonda" Self Defense Kit

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With a stun gun, pepper spray, flashlight and kubotan- the "Code Red Rhonda" self-defense kit covers all your bases and gives you plenty of self-defense options to handle any code red situation.

The Olympian is the only stun gun, pepper spray and flashlight combo on the market. It is all 3 products rolled into one amazing self-defense weapon. The pepper spray canister can be replaced when needed and it comes with a rechargeable battery and charging cord. The manufacturer's lifetime warranty  give you peace of mind that your self-defense will always be working when you need it most.

Single-handed, easy operation allows the user to identify, stun and spray within milliseconds of reaction time in a high stress situation.

  • Identify with 175 lumens of blinding light with a beam distance of greater than 50 yards, ideal also as a daily use flashlight.
  • Stun in close proximity and for immobilization with the Olympian’s concealed stun technology, hiding any visible or extruding prongs.
  • Spray with distance range up to 16 feet away with the Olympian’s self- defense red hot pepper spray.

     The kubotan is a self-defense weapon that has been used in martial arts methods for centuries, which goes to prove that when all else fails, going back to the basics can be a very effective option. Targeting various tender areas of the body of your attacker with this pointed self-defense key ring can bring excruciating pain and temporary debilitation to an attacker. Look at all the possible weak points on your attacker's body in this diagram: kubotan key strike points.

    defense divas kubotan strike points with logo

    This kit includes the following items:

    • Olympian 3-in-1 rechargeable stun gun pepper spray flashlight combo with holster (1 pepper spray canister included)
    • SS pointed kubotan self-defense key ring
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