Active Lifestyle Womens Self Defense Kit

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The Active Lifestyle Women's Self Defense Kit is perfect for the woman who enjoys going for an early morning run, jogging a quick mile in the park after work, or maybe going for a neighborhood walk after dinner. It's the perfect self-defense product kit for college campus safety as well. The reason? We've bundled our lightest, smallest and most hands-free self defense products into one perfect woman's self defense kit.

Kuba-Kickz are an innovative (and brilliant) new self-defense product that allows you to wear your self-defense product right in your shoe laces. We love them because Kuba-Kickz shoe inserts leave your hands free, are very light weight, and once you slip them in between your shoe laces- you will never leave your self-defense weapon at home by accident. They are great for college campuses which may have restrictions on carrying a stun gun or pepper spray on campus.  Imagine giving an attacker one swift kick in the groin with these on your shoes! Any attacker is sure to drop to ground in agony and wish he had selected another woman!

The USB stun gun key chain is the smallest stun gun on the market today, but packs the stun power of a full size stun gun. The USB Secure 22,000,000 Keychain Stun Gun Flashlight, the next level in full-powered small-scale stun guns, replacing the SMACK with more voltage and features! We have improved on the design and function of our keychain stun gun. Now the white button in the center of unit activates the stun gun and when you need a temporary light source you simply slide the switch upward. 

Although this unit does not function as a USB storage device, you are the only one who will know that. You can discreetly carry self-defense protection virtually anywhere you go.

It's about the size of a pack of gum at 3 1/4 inches X 3/4 inch, carries a whopping 22 million volts, has an LED flashlight feature, a USB charging cord and a key ring attachment for carrying convenience. It looks like a USB drive and could easily be discreetly carried on a college campus.

The Sting Ring 18 million volt stun gun is one of the coolest new products we've seen. It is perfect for stun gun protection while running or jogging because it fits into the natural shape your hand is in, when you are doing those activities. It's "squeeze and stun" technology makes it instinctive to use in an emergency self defense situation, because you naturally tense up your hands when you are in a high fight or flight situation. Simply slip your middle finger through the ring and feel confident that you are protected while you are exercising alone outdoors. It's worth mentioning, that we love love love the stylish quatro-foil pattern on this pink stun gun too!

The pink panic alarm has a flashlight feature, loud 120 dB alarm, and can either be carried on your key chain or attached to your clothing with the belt clip if you are wanting a hands free way to carry self-defense protection while exercising.

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