25 Million Volt Blue Chevron Stun Gun


Sale price$43.95


This blue and black chevron 25 million volt stun gun flashlight is not only stunning to look at; it's got some serious stun voltage on the business end. It doubles up on safety features with a super bright and handy flashlight for seeing your way through the dark. The disable pin wrist strap prevents the stun gun from being used against you if it is taken from your hands by disconnecting the electrical charge. We love the slide-out, built-in wall charger because you don't have to keep track of one more charging cord. This model has a ton of great features at a great price and the designs are fashion fab!


  • Single LED light: Allows for illumination in small areas
  • Disable pin: Deactivates the stun feature when removed to prevent stun gun from being used on owner in the event of an emergency
  • Safety switch: A safety switch prevents accidental discharge, yet convenient enough for a one-hand operation in the event of usage
  • Built-in rechargeable battery: A charger that hides within the stun gun and slides out whenever required
  • Nylon holster: Each stun gun comes with a sleek nylon holster with belt loop that allows you to protect and carry your stun gun everywhere

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