National Campus Safety Awareness Month provides us the opportunity to share valuable and effective college safety tips quick tips to promote self-defense and safety awareness on U.S. college campuses. Here's 30 easy to implement self-defense and safety awareness practices to keep her safe at school. #NCSAM   #CAMPUSSAFETY

campus safety never prop doors open to dorm sorority housecampus safety program campus security in speed dialcampus safety tip wearing a baseball cap to look like a malecampus safety dont leave dorm door unlocked for roommatescampus safety use a date rape drink test stripcampus safety tips stay off phone and be aware of surroundingscampus safety yell fire if you are being attackedcampus safety carry pepper spray in your hand not in your pursecampus safety free self defense classes at campus securitycampus safety don't leave valuables out in your dorm roomcampus safety angel shot is code for help dating safetycampus safety kubaton self defense key rings are legal on all college campusescampus safety us a personal safety app to alert when in dangercollege safety confidence is key don't be an easy crime targetcollege safety tips practice using your self-defense weaponcampus safety never go with your attackercollege safety don't stop to take random surveys on campuscollege safety tips for atm safety on campuscollege safety tips check in under and around your car before unlockingcollege safety lie to attacker to get him to releasecampus safety tip trust your gut instinctscollege safety date rape prevention tipscollege safety call 911 and verify before pulling over for unmarked police carcollege safety tips stats on how burglars enter homescollege safety tips verify your uber drivercollege safety tips program I.C.E. phone number in smartphonecollege safety tips pepper spray expires infocampus safety tips request identification before repair personnel entercollege safety tip maintain your personal space from strangers at all timescollege safety tip check windows and doors locked once a month

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