Triple Threat Covert Carry Self-Defense Kit

Defense Divas®SKU: KIT-3XTHREAT

Sale price$46.85


Buy as gifts to give or keep all three for yourself! Either way, the Triple Threat Covert Carry Self-Defense Kit includes three of the cutest self-defense knives you'll find on the market. Buy the kit to save over purchasing individually and enjoy free shipping on this product on top of that!

Pink Crystal Knife Necklace: Whether you wear it around your neck or attach it to your key ring, purse strap or backpack- this pink crystal key hole self-defense neck knife is the perfect addition to your personal defense plan.

The Write Or Fight is a dual purpose self-defense pen knife that provides you with a smooth writing instrument and also conceals a serrated blade. Twist the top to start writing with the black ink pen or pull the pen knife apart to reveal a 2.5 inch long blade concealed in the barrel.

It looks like a regular lipstick in your purse, but concealed under the cap is a hawk bill self-defense blade. The Lipstick Knife works just like a normal lipstick and you just twist the lipstick case bottom to deploy the blade.


  • Enjoy free shipping on this self-defense kit.
  • Three femme fatale self-defense blades for one low price.
  • A great way to give the gift of safety
  • Discreet without compromising effectiveness

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