Bling and Sting Rhinestone Pepper Spray Self Defense Key Ring


Color: Gold
Sale price$36.95


Bling and Sting with this non-lethal rhinestone pepper spray that easily clips to a key ring, purse, dog leash or backpack. The UV dye added to the pepper spray mixture marks your attacker and allows police to identify them days after the attack.

Unlike most pepper sprays, the Bling and Sting pepper spray keychain lasts for 3 years!


  • Powerful, non-lethal personal protection in a super-cute case with a key chain clip.
  • Wrapped completely in sparkling rhinestones
  • UV-dye stains the target for easy identification days after use.
  • Safety lock twist actuator prevents accidental discharge
  • 10% OC spray concentration will disorient an attacker for up to 45 minutes.
  • 1.4 % Major Capsaicinoids (MC)
  • Compact and lightweight 1/2 oz. size
  • Lasts for 3 years!
  • Lobster claw keyring clip for easy access
  • Case is refillable
  • #1 brand of pepper spray gifted to women

With a distance range of up to 16 feet, simply point and depress the  actuator to cause immobilizing irritation to the eyes, skin and throat of your attacker. The Bling and Sting  is a fashionable self defense choice, with safety features that prevent accidental discharge and wind blow back.

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