The "Snipe-Her" Self Defense Kit


Color: Blue
Sale price$69.95


Wearing self-defense protection on your wrist and armed with this 25 million volt stun gun will make you like a sniper when it comes to your self-defense protection. 

The "Snipe-Her" self-defense kit equips you to handle an attacker at a moment's notice with the hands-free wearability of the Little Viper self-defense bracelet.

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The Monster 25,000,000 Chevron stun gun combines power with added security. With quick activation of the safety switch, this Monster stun gun fires off a loud, electrifying shock. However, take the safety cord out and the stun gun instantly deactivates, preventing accidental discharge and ideal for child safety measures. Additionally, this convenient features prevents the use of the stun gun should an attacker take the units from you during self defense.

The stun gun also comes equipped with a handy LED flashlight, ideal for illumination in small areas. Recharging becomes effortless. Simply slide out the built-in charging prongs and plug the unit directly into a wall socket, removing any potential for lost charging cords.

This set includes:

  • Little Viper pepper spray bracelet
  • Monster blue chevron 25 million volt stun gun flashlight
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