"Security Samantha" Womens Self Defense Kit


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The "Security Samantha" Package provides you with several fundamental self-defense products that every woman should own, at a very affordable price.

The Harm & Hammer is an innovative product that combines two self-defense tools into one. One end of this self-defense key chain is a pepper spray. The other end is a metal point glass break tool that can used to break out of a car in an emergency or in defense against an attacker in the case of a personal assault.

This self defense kit also contains a hairbrush diversion safe. Simply unscrew the lid on the top of the brush, and hide your valuables and cash inside. No one will have a clue that this is a secret safe with a hidden compartment.  It is a real brush that you can use too!

The kubotan keychain is hands down, the simplest and most effective self-defense tool that you can buy for the price. Every woman should have a kubaton on their key ring. Learning how to effectively use a kubaton for self defense is a very easy and quick skill to master. Check out our diagram of kubotan strike points while you're visiting our website.

The panic alarm flashlight is really handy to keep on your key chain or belt clip and works by simply squeezing the sides in a normal reaction to a high adrenaline situation. The flashlight function is also handy when you are fumbling around in the dark to get your key in the door lock.

And hey, the fact that all these self-defense products look cute doesn't hurt either!

This kit includes the following items:

  • Pepper Spray & Glass Breaker Combo Self-Defense Key Ring
  • Pointed Kubotan Key Ring
  • Personal Panic Alarm and Flashlight Combo
  • Hairbrush Diversion Safe

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