Purple Power Duo II Self Defense Kit


Sale price$56.95


This Purple Power Duo II self defense kit is like a nice little package of bad ass with a pretty bow on top! With free shipping and a lifetime warranty, you can't go wrong when you purchase this self-defense kit.

2. Pepper spray protection- The 18% OC hard case pepper spray key ring has a UV dye that will make your attacker easy to identify by police and a safety nozzle that twists to lock and avoid accidental discharge. The key chain makes it easily accessible when you need it for an emergency.

3. Stun gun protection- The Jolt 86 million volt purple stun gun has a bright flashlight feature, built in wall charger, disable safety wrist strap, nylon holster and packs a powerful 86 million volts of stun power. It's small size makes it easy to carry in even a small clutch purse. It's rubberized grip exterior makes it easy to hold on to when you need it most.

When developing a well rounded self-defense plan, it is important to have more than one option. and this protection package provides those extra layers of safety. With this purple self defense kit bundle, you not only save money but you get to do it in style. This is the perfect college safety gift for any young woman heading off on her own.

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