"Empowered Ella" Self Defense Kit

Defense Divas®SKU: KIT-ELLA

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This is the perfect self-defense kit for pre-teen and high school girls who may not be permitted to carry pepper spray or a stun gun, but still want to be equipped to defend themselves. This kit is also a great option for those who live , work or go to school in an area where stun guns and mace may not be permitted.

Slip this steel shot filled leather heart ring onto your finger before you head in the parking lot or out for a jog to carry non-lethal self-defense protection at your fingertips. Literally. This brings new meaning to the term "beating" heart.

This purple cupcake kubaton is awesome cute, but the rubberized cupcakes actually serve a greater purpose. Having the rubberized grip give you an extra measure of safety that ensure you have a firm hold on your self-defense key ring when you need to use in an emergency.


  • 1 Cupcake Kubaton
  • 1 Leather Beating Heart SAP Ring
  • Excellent Under 18 option

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