Complete Lifestyle Safety Women's Self Defense Kit

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Save $20 by purchasing these items as a kit instead of individually!

The Complete Lifestyle Women's Self Defense Kit was created with the goal of providing you a well rounded self-defense plan. The products were selected with the idea of keeping you safe in your home, in your car and providing the standard personal self-defense to carry with you when you are out and about in public.

The Harm & Hammer is an innovative product that combines two self-defense tools into one. One end of this self-defense key chain is a pepper spray. The other end is a metal point glass break tool that can used to break out of a car in an emergency or on an attacker in the case of a personal assault.

The 86 million volt  stun gun flashlight features triple stun technology and is perfect for every day carry of your self-defense weapon. It packs a powerful stun gun, safety disable wrist strap (so that your stun gun can't be used against you) and a powerful LED flashlight feature which is handy when you are trying to get into your car or apartment safely in the dark. It has the same rubberized grip as other Jolt models, so you can feel confident that you've got a good hold on your self-defense protection.

    The door stop alarm is great for hotel rooms and dorm room safety.  Simply wedge it under the door as you would any door stop and it will impede the entry of any unwanted intruders.  If anyone tries to open the door, this 115dB alarm will sound to wake and alert you immediately.

    The hairbrush diversion safe and thermometer diversion safe are both excellent ways to hide your valuables, cash or spare house key in plain sight. It's a real hairbrush that you can use and keep in your car, your desk at work, or your home and no one will be the wiser that the you have important things hidden inside.

    The panic alarm flashlight is really handy to keep on your keychain or belt clip and works by simply squeezing the sides in a normal reaction to a high adrenaline situation. The flashlight function is also handy when you are fumbling around in the dark to get your key in the door lock.

    Finally, the pointed kubotan key chain is an excellent addition to any self-defense plan by adding an additional option for defending yourself. There are many vulnerable points on an attacker's body that the kubotan is immediately effective at bringing an attacker to his knees.

    Package Includes:

    • Harm & Hammer Pepper Spray & Glass Breaker Combo
    • Jolt 46 Million Volt Stun Gun Flashlight Combo
    • Hairbrush Diversion Safe
    • Personal Panic Alarm Flashlight Combo
    • Thermometer Diversion Safe
    • Kubotan Key Chain
    • Door Stop Alarm

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