"Body Guard Betty" Womens Self Defense Kit

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Your body will be well protected against an attacker with The "Body Guard Betty" Package. 

The first and only self defense and emergency survival tool in a keychain ready design, the Harm & Hammer. Packing a powerful duel combo punch, the Harm & Hammer utilizes red pepper spray with the leverage of a built-in steel-point emergency glass-break hammer. Harm any potential assailant with up to 16 feet of distance defense by temporarily immobilizing them in the event of use. Hammer with a swift removal of the keychain to effortlessly shatter glass in the event you are forced to escape water flooding or fire in a car, home or office setting. Together, the Guard Dog Harm & Hammer offers lifesaving protection in any dire situation without the need of training or professional background. Utilize with the peace of mind deserved with Guard Dog’s industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life program, replacing your pepper spray for free in the event of use. Be protected and be prepared with the compact Guard Dog Harm & Hammer keychain pepper spray with glass breaker.

The Monster 25,000,000 Disabler stun gun combines power with added security. With quick activation of the safety switch, this Monster stun gun fires off a loud, electrifying shock. However, take the safety cord out and the stun gun instantly deactivates, preventing accidental discharge and ideal for child safety measures. Additionally, this convenient features prevents the use of the stun gun should an attacker take the units from you during self defense. The Monster Disabler also comes equipped with a handy LED flashlight, ideal for illumination in small areas. Recharging becomes effortless. Simply slide out the built-in charging prongs and plug the unit directly into a wall socket, removing any potential misplaced charging cords.

The kubaton key ring is an airplane grade aluminum pointed self-defense tool that can be used on pressure points to administer excruciating pain to your attacker and cause him to release you to run to safety. It is appropriate for all ages and looks like any other key ring so you should have no issues carrying this for self-defense in places where you may otherwise not be permitted to do so.

The 32 page pepper spray training book is pack full of very informative material on how to use pepper spray to defense yourself properly. There are also tons of tips on general self-defense and safety awareness tactics to keep you safe.

This set includes:

  • Harm & Hammer pepper spray and glass breaker combo
  • Monster blue chevron 25 million volt stun gun flashlight
  • Pointed kubaton self defense key chain
  • 32 page pepper spray training and self-defense safety book

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