"Ready for Anything Rachel" Self Defense Kit

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Be ready to defend yourself in any weather, any situation and anywhere with this full scope self-defense kit. Enjoy free shipping with this self-defense kit.

The perfume bottle bling stun gun packs a shocking 17 million volts of stun power in a super cute design that looks just like a perfume bottle. It's perfect to slip into your clutch purse for that black tie affair with it's compact size and rhinestone embellishments.  It also has a full flashlight feature that is super handy in late night situations.

The Ninja Kitty self-defense key ring has many applications that are extremely effective. You can use it to stabilize your fist for a more powerful punch, gain leverage to free yourself from an attacker's grasp, and is most debilitating when used to stab your attacker in one of the many sensitive pressure points that exist all over the human body.

The pepper pen looks and weighs exactly like a real pen so no one will know that you are discreetly carrying self-defense at work or on campus. It contains 6-10 bursts of pepper power with a distance of 6-8 feet depending on wind conditions.

This set includes:

  • Perfume bottle stun gun flashlight
  • Ninja Kitty self-defense cat keyring
  • Pepper spray pen
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $50

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